What about drugs?

What about drugs?


I watched a TED talk commentary a week ago about the power of vulnerability. The speaker discussed the importance of showing ones vulnerable side to others, positing that such is an important step towards personal fulfillment and happiness. She added that in the modern world we tend to cover up this vulnerability because we fear embarrassment and exposure which might open us up to harm and further explained that one of the ways that people blanket their openness is through the consumption of substances such as drugs and alcohol which have a dulling and numbing effect. Is this the only reason we consume substances? I mean from a purely lay perspective we drink and get high because it feels good, often a mild sense of euphoria is experienced and those feelings draw us back to it. We become more casual and confident and are able to socialize easier, which is enough of a reason for most to drink alcohol, humans being social animals that are geared towards mutual interaction. Personally I have felt my mind somewhat liberated through the use of such substances albeit in excess it has had the opposite effect. Marijuana has allowed me to dream more vividly, to imagine in greater depth, to give flight permission to fantasies waiting to take to the skies of my mind. Alcohol has become a sweet taste that goes straight the heart and is then pumped into the face with such enthusiasm that a warm, bubbly, comfort soothes and smoothens all the rusty cranks and bolts that tick and tock and trash about inside all day.  Alcohol most definitely blankets ones vulnerability, at least it appears to most clearly to me. It creates a shield behind which one can remark any which way on any topic and never appear to oneself to be a person worthy of any kind of attack. But back to my query, what are the pros and cons of substance usage?


PROS                                                                                                              CONS

  1. Good Feeling (Euphoria)                                      1. Health Complications
  2. Comfort                                                             2. Mental-Emotional issues
  3. Mind opening                                                     3. Social Hazard Potential
  4. Social Confidence                                               4. Addiction/Dependency


Here’s a theory. Perhaps substances are nature’s way of providing humans with consumable relaxers. This at the very least should be difficult to dispute, provided we allow ourselves to admit into evidence that we consume various non-legal substances regularly which give us great pleasure. One main argument against substance usage is in the behavior alteration that tends to take place, often causing discomfort and anxiety in those close to the user. In cases of aggressive behavior there is no plausible excuse and the substance usage should be abandoned. Mild changes in character should be allowed though as change of the form is a naturally occurring phenomenon and none should judge the means at which one arrives at their destination, provided nothing malicious had been intentionally executed in the process. In the legal realm one can be prosecuted for acting negligently or recklessly. I only bring this up here to note that one can also be technically faulted for acts not done intentionally, however that is an argument for another time. Essentially, I feel substance usage is not in itself a negative act but like most things it has the potential for negative repercussions. Take the music industry as an example. Some of the greatest music ever produced came from the fingers, voice chambers and minds of individuals that were heavily involved with substance usage. This is not an assumption, is in fact common knowledge. However a notable number of those artists perished at young ages, having given their lives over to their art, recklessly dragged their picks hard along nylon strings and screamed beyond the sound of hearing at crowds enormous to behold, they were destroyed by the speed they consumed and which finally consumed them. I imagined just now, if one were to draw and x and y axis of a regular human mind, one would find the length and height were of limited length. An expanded human mind on the other hand would have a greater length and height on this hypothetical diagram as such would be the extent to which they are able to apply and execute their intellect. This could perhaps bring new meaning to the term, ‘stretching the imagination’, as that is essentially what is implied.Facebooktwitter

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