The Transfiguration

What light of the heavens has lifted,

And veil of flesh unfurled,

Has torn at the seams and broken,

The mask that covers the world:

Gold is made pale and worthless,

The sun is hidden in shame,

For a light that is brighter than brightness,

Has set the world aflame.


He rose as the new sun rises,

He shone as the snow-capped height,

And His face was gleaming silver,

As the stars that burn in the night:

A vision of heaven triumphant,

To men of the world was shown,

The order of nature transcended,

The bonds of the world outgrown.


Before light of the angels beholding,

The apostles fell in fear,

They bowed to the earth and kissed it,

They trembled at once to hear:

A voice from a cloud resounding,

Solemn as the sky He made,

That this was His Son begotten,

To Him all heed be paid.


A cry of anguish erupted,

As fires unquenching arise,

In the desert plains of darkness,

Where the wingéd demon flies;

For the Fall of Man was their rising,

And they plunged as He arose,

A light that pierced, descending,

And the tyrant of Hell deposed.


A star on earth had arisen,

And lightning fell as a sign,

For the flesh that was freely given,

And the blood that was spilled as wine:

The Sons of Thunder beheld it,

Saint Peter dared hardly see,

The form of his Lord transfigured,

By the light of the One in Three.


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