The Peaceful Rebellion

We once had earthly masters,

Who lied and shook with rage,

When we had but dared to question,

The bars of our rusting cage.


Their vision was sometime noble,

With peace and plenty for man,

But freedom the price they demanded,

All earth their chosen span.


For freedom we long had waited,

A share in labours’ reward,

But laws had long entrapped us,

And gold that men would hoard.


Our haughty masters ignored us,

They closed their ears to truth,

Twelve stars were set on a banner,

And round our necks a noose.


By far our clamour was louder,

Than all their empty cries,

And finally they stooped to listen,

All girded round with lies.


When freedom was finally proffered,

When answers were asked of all,

We found that their tune was fearful,

A subtle sirens’ call.


We were told the mountains would tumble,

We were told the seas would burn,

For they were the angels who teach us,

And we the children who learn.


We were told the earth would crush us,

We were told the sky would fall,

For they were gods who rule us,

And we the slaves in thrall.


We listened at first and questioned,

The worth of being free,

For men had grown used to comfort,

And few could clearly see.


But old was the land we lived in,

And good were the hearts we had,

So as we listened we smiled,

And ignored our masters’ fad.


One summer we answered the question,

And our masters cried and groaned,

For we chose the road of freedom,

That all our fathers had known.


And down the road we travelled,

Not careless or blind to see,

But full of life’s toils we wandered,

We wandered and we were free.


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