The Oligarchy of the Spirit – United in our divide (Part 4)

Away I have been, pondering the imporderless, scavenging the recesses of thought and imagination to better fit my reality into a box i can label and place on a shelf recognizable, to be caressed and retrieved when necessary, to better make sense of a sad reality. I steer this wagon with a kind of vague belief but hardly ever committed to a direction other than retreat,  concealed within this cavity is a history of bitter wretched conflict, a void of no sensible topic, to be uttered only to remind that the abyss gazes back in kind. Stagnant approach to statutory reproach and coached by the dormant vessel of the savage black and white coats. In time all will understand the futility in law and reprimand of the common man bound by rules made concrete only in the minds of the ones that pray through their teeth at the notion of a reasonable person who is invincible in his stagnant observations, impregnable with stray insinuations  the perfect model citizen for all generations, but reasonable to whom one may ask, is it reasonable to exhume a horrible past, can the clang of the prison gates remedy a farce, can the delicate intricacy of justice protect till the last, or does it cage us in a mirage trapped inside the looking glass, judge not less thee be judge under harsher terms still for who decides the terms that burn a mans body into an urn, are we so wise that we can truly see when a man is more evil than the rest of his creed, are we so righteous that we can decided that a woman who murders her child should die by it’s side, but for this and other evils does the justice system provide, we collectively argue and debate and derive, we consider all options and lay down what is right, and we do this together united in our divide, resonate plurality and forgive difference to calculate the logic of morality, to undo the ball of string of two colors to dispose the conflict in chemistry, and that is the purpose of law and of justice, no other purpose is served better by it, the candle that burns at both end of the stick, mighty men wield it to bring and end to bitter dispute, to give reason to judgement and its due’s, to protect the likes of me and you from the evil that this world so apparently spews, so lucky are we living people today, lucky people living in the shade of the dead kings of yesterday.




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