The Horrors of Procrastination

The age old question of how to prevent procrastination. You want to clean your house and get rid of the horrible mess that has surrounded you. You want to get a job but applications take forever. You go on a night out to find a lady, but you end up getting hammered in scruffy clothes. You want to get in shape but you’d rather just have some pizza and beer. You want to progress with your hobbies but instead you just watch TV in your underwear. This is the true depths of procrastination and you want to get out.. You know what your doing is wrong, the knowledge has reached your brain but you scratch your butt and watch another episode of Game of Thrones and roll up a doobie.

I myself am someone who has taken all of these to the absolute extreme for many months, but no matter how lazy you are no matter how much you descend into a quater-life crisis there is a way out but there is no easy way out. It is all based around the three key products needs to sustain yourself as western man in the 21st century. It’s not a big house or someone quick crazy scheme that will get you out of a rut and on top of the world like taking the drug from Limitless and going on some wild adventure. There is only one way out and ultimately it’s really boring but it’s just simply hard work and a focusing at the most important issues first then working down to less important issues.

Firstly the job, now working gives you the sense of day to day regime that you need to think straight, it gives you purpose, routine but ultimately it gives you money. If you’ve been stuck on the dole or scraping by as a student this is particularly relevant to you. Because as much as everyone may turn around to you and tell you that money doesn’t bring you happiness they’re wrong. There isn’t a strict correlation in the sense that if you have money you will be happy, you could have depression or work a job that you hate which means you don’t have a lifestyle that adheres to your particular values. It’s kind of like how your happy when you have a good choice of food, but your not necessarily happy from eating piles upon piles of food. Some money a decent amount of money will buy you a lifestyle away from poverty which will end your lethargism. You may not be able to get the job you want to begin with, which is why you will have to essentially accept anything and everything.

So you’ve got a job probably one you hate and never saw yourself doing but now you’ve got the cash to buy yourself some decent clothes and go on a night out. Using your new found energy it is now important to clean your house to the best of your ability especially your room. Now it’s time to go out the important factor here is to avoid the previous money saving opportunities that you accustomed yourself to, namely heavy pre-drinking. Have a beer maybe two but head out after that (don’t do drugs on this night, not even weed). You will now be able to find a girl giving you two options to either find a girl you’d simply like to sleep with or a girl that you would prefer to go out with, as this article is dedicated to attempts to bring some sort of structure to your life I would recommend the second option. So to avoid this from turning into a drunken one night stand (because despite you attempts to avoid pre-drinking your steadily becoming more drunk). But you’ve been hanging around on the coach for so long that redtube has become the only notion of women that you are aware of, and you forget the amazing art of just having a conversation. This always passes by a lot of men’s heads that whilst any woman speaks to us we think that they are trying to flirt with us, the opposite is true for the reverse. Women will think that when a man is talking to them, he genuinely just wants to talk to them, so talk to enough women through a few compliments around, grab a snog, a number, meet up again and you’ve got yourself a girlfriend.

Now something that I recommend but to be perfectly honest have never actually ventured into achieving myself is that of a great physical physique making this part of your routine is key however I am not quite there at my stage of the elimination of procrastination yet I shall write an article describing this thought in greater depth at a latter point. Comrade Da Silva reminded me of what the ancient Greeks thought of exercise, namely healthy body healthy mind. Whether you decide to join a Gym or go running or whatever, make it part of your routine, part of waking up in the morning or coming home from work, an hour every other day dedicated to getting in shape. This will also improve your search for a women and eliminate day to day procrastinating abilities.

Now you can improve on your hobbies by finding time for them in either the evenings or the weekends. When you were not working you would have thought that you didn’t have time to fit in a hobby between watching TV shows on netflix, now you are fully aware of the sanctity of free time and realise just how much of it is truly at your disposal. If you haven’t done so already it’s time to get the third pillar sorted that is have a form of automotive transport. Whether that’s just saving up for a car or learning to drive, you now have the money to do this so progressively begin to save for this, learning should take up no more than two hours a week, you could perhaps do it on the days that you do not go to the Gym. It will amaze you how much time you have when you simply move faster. Get in from work whack on some different clothes and proceed to next task until you need to sleep, this is a routine you must follow rather than sitting down with no true understanding of what you must achieve next. Thoughts of what must be achieved when you come home can be complied when you are at work, so that day to day you have a list of activities to run through, ticking off each task when completed. If you have any hobbies after that fit them in on the evenings and weekends you have free. That’s not a quick solution this may take months, but with enough dedication you can become a full operational citizen and rid yourself from the horrible woes of procrastination.


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