Peasant Bashing: The Tory Tradition

Just when you think you have a moderate conservative, who will intend on staying out of the welfare system, bang! Along comes Cameron with his, “lets let single mothers and their children starve to death policies”. The talks have came out as Cameron has stated for no reason whatsoever in the middle of his term of government; perhaps this is to get the old toffs thinking that Cameron is keeping it real and still spitting on the prols, hopefully this can take him away from his fluffy affection with liberalism. The Tories have proved once again that they are a party by the rich, for the rich and in favour of the rich. With the dismantling of the welfare state our country will be drawn to the evils of capitalism that has infected the minds of all residents of the United States of America, whom do not batter an eyelid at the thought of 1.4 million children starving ever year within their own country because they feel it is not their duty, who do not care for the hard-working man made redundant and now lives hopeless for the state can not provide for him. The mentality of “everyone for themselves”, that will tear apart the bitter remains of the class consciousness, that lies weeping in tears at the savage brutality of the Thatcher government of the 1980s. Welcome to Liassez-faire capitalism, say farewell to the remains of social democracy.

Perhaps I am being too harsh on Mr Cameron; perhaps I am not seeing the essence of the “Big Society” that has dawned upon this nation, perhaps this is for the greater good of the citizens of the United Kingdom. I should indeed shy away from simple statements that push him into the aspects of a ruthless capitalist, one that clutches onto the straws of a Blue Tory and compromises with socially liberal ideals. In all fairness some of his reforms have a degree of fairness attached to them. Earners of above £60,000 grand a year do not need council house tenancy, that’s not attacking the poor, that’s preventing a waste of money. Linking benefits and inflation and working age is indeed fair, for those on benefits will tighten their belts as much as those of work. Indeed forcing jobseekers to gain literacy and numeracy skills is important and a preparation of a CV will benefit all. Banning school leavers going straight to benefits would probably be a good idea, as long as long as he can miracle-up some kind of aspirations for kids with this mentality. Finally he comes out with a bright idea for once, however I should note that the conservatives perpetuated this at one point; Cameron has announced no penalties on households when one member is working. Which, I don’t believe anyone can disagree on. However that does not exempt Cameron from all of the reforms that will ultimately penalise the poor.

Not that Cameron ever knew, or should I say associated himself with anyone who has ever claimed housing benefits; but since the demoralization of the working class, a tendency has emerged in which young people in particular have become dependent on the state. That is a fair assumption; it is also a fair assumption that many people abuse the welfare state instead of seeking work. What is not fair however is to assume that this is the case for all that are receiving benefits from the age bracket. Take for example someone who is hard-working, who has come from a broken home, someone who will do everything with in their means in order to work; after all being on the dole is a lot less than minimum wage.  Now take into consideration that we are in the worst economic recession since the 1930s, the fact that unemployment is at a record high, that should this said character not be able to achieve work he will have nowhere to live. He has come from a broken home, he can not return to it, where will he go Mr Cameron? There is one simple answer, he will he will become homeless, marginalized from society, at a point which is beyond repair; of no use to society and lost to a country that shows no remorse. Sure this will benefit the economy, but why stop there why don’t we all just line up every 18-25 yr old is not financially viable to society and shoot them?

I am not sure if “work for the dole”, is slave labour or creates working imitative, but it is fair that we need to transcend those that are dependent into work. What is not fair is cutting corners off the deficit from the poor. Yes they are chavs, and yes they are scaving off the state. But we can not have a situation where these people and their offspring starve, we can not have situations where these people are reduced to food stamps, worse still we can not have hardworking people caught in the crossfire.  We can not turn our welfare system to that of America’s.


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