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The Ivory Tower is a collaborative project developed by a team each with their own expert specific role. With a wide range of skills each individual focuses on specific roles that enable the Ivory Tower to give you the in-depth journalism that is founded upon our website.


Rob Bailey



Rob is a graduate of (BA) Political Studies.  A Co- founder of the Ivory Tower, with the mission to create and develop a political forum in which there is no consensus and constant scrutiny. His focus is on coordinating and driving the development of the website forward. As well as a contributor in the form of observational satire, Rob focuses on the development of the website primarily in the technical sense but also in the form of developing the presence of the Ivory Tower to the politically astute readers.


Henrik FJ


Henrik is a graduate of (BA) International Politics from Aberystwyth University in Wales and (MA) European Studies from KU Leuven in Belgium. Of Norwegian ethnicity and a confused identity, Henrik provides an iconoclastic and often contradictory take on most topics. He is a man of no qualities but the ambition to become a great person, without knowing what it means or how to become one. He is a bohemian with a keen sense of ambition; a misanthrope who is forever in love; and scholar with a distaste for books.



Erick F. da Silva


Erick is a graduate in Political Science, from Abersytwyth University, part-time writer and full time social gadfly and provocateur; Co-founder of the Ivory Tower, he assists in providing the enterprise with its vision and ethos, and particularly overlooking content. Though essentially cosmopolitan in scope, he writes from the perspective of an uprooted socialist, Catholic, South American in Britain, on a variety of subjects. His interests include ethics, metaphysics, political philosophy, and occasionally, poetry.






Nathaniel L. Hayward – Managing Director, Editor and Contributor

Nathaniel is a graduate in International Politics (Bsc. Econ.) from Aberystwyth University with an MA in Journalism from Bournemouth University. He considers himself a latter-day Pickwickian, who views the nuances of the world with a growing sense of bewilderment and a strong desire for more beer. With thinly veiled pugnacity, he tends to write from a Catholic, British High Tory perspective on a broad range of topics and fully embraces the last available position of the modern rebel: orthodoxy. Nathaniel’s interests include history, politics and poetry but he also dabbles in architectural critique and philosophy.




Evan Pkiojklm

  Evan is a graduate in International Politics and Film, the Goebbels degree, from Aberystwyth University. He grew up in a working class community in the Welsh valleys.Throughout his life he has held a strong vein of contrarianism which he primarily expresses through making largely tongue in cheek provocative comments on Daily Telegraph articles. He writes on a range of topics, including Politics, Video Games and Cinema.

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