The Ivory Tower is a collaborative project developed by a team each with their own expert specific role. With a wide range of skills each individual focuses on specific roles that enable the Ivory Tower to give you the in-depth journalism that is founded upon our website.


Rising from the fading embers of public discourse, the Ivory Tower seeks to do the exacting task of formulating sentiments, concerns and deliberations which all too often is left out of mainstream media discourse.


Rather than just reporting on the world, the pieces written alludes to issues, questions, implications and meanings found only through the hardship of acute consideration. The Ivory Tower is thus not only concerned with headlines, it is equally, if not more, concerned with protruding those events and realities that go by without notice.Thereby, the Ivory Tower is not merely a standalone website, it is a communion of individuals who seek to materialise a true philosophy of journalism.


Our Goals

The mission of this enterprise is to provide a venue for the articulation and exposition of opinions and arguments pertaining to the matters of the day, guided by the principles of critical inquiry and unadulterated conviction. Our commitment is not to any sectarian or partisan alignment, parochial as these are, but to a candid pursuit of truth and a robust defense of free speech, not as an abstracted ideal divorced from conventions of decorum but as a means to an end, which is engagement and the careful nurturing of a culture of encounter- wherever one may stand on a particular issue.


In the fields in which we toil one is often faced with a stern choice, between a trajectory of mediocrity defined by a constant preoccupation with the need to conform to whatever atmosphere prevails in contemporary society or one’s immediate circle, or a life of self-awareness and true independence of thought, defined not by cynicism for cynicism’s sake or facile rejection of convention, but by an entrancement of one’s convictions married with the desire for dialogue. The members of this enterprise certainly have chosen the latter. It is this attitude which best encapsulates the mission and purpose of the Ivory Tower.


The Ivory Tower wishes to organize the flow of thoughts among a matrix of opinions. It is therefore with readers like yourself that we draw our inspiration.


“A dead thing can go with the stream, but only a living thing can go against it.”– G.K Chesterton



Rob Bailey


Rob is a graduate of (BA) Political Studies.  A Co- founder of the Ivory Tower, with the mission to create and develop a political forum in which there is no consensus and constant scrutiny. His focus is on coordinating and driving the development of the website forward. As well as a contributor in the form of observational satire, Rob focuses on the development of the website primarily in the technical sense but also in the form of developing the presence of the Ivory Tower to the politically astute readers.



Henrik FJ


Henrik is a graduate of (BA) International Politics from Aberystwyth University in Wales and (MA) European Studies from KU Leuven in Belgium. Of Norwegian ethnicity and a confused identity, Henrik provides an iconoclastic and often contradictory take on most topics. He is a man of no qualities but the ambition to become a great person, without knowing what it means or how to become one. He is a bohemian with a keen sense of ambition; a misanthrope who is forever in love; and scholar with a distaste for books.






Erick F. da Silva


Erick is a graduate in Political Science, from Abersytwyth University, part-time writer and full time social gadfly and provocateur; Co-founder of the Ivory Tower, he assists in providing the enterprise with its vision and ethos, and particularly overlooking content. Though essentially cosmopolitan in scope, he writes from the perspective of an uprooted conservative, Catholic, South American in Britain, on a variety of subjects. His interests include ethics, metaphysics, political philosophy, and occasionally, poetry.








Nathaniel L. Hayward


Nathaniel is a graduate in International Politics (Bsc. Econ.) from Aberystwyth University with an MA in Journalism from Bournemouth University. He considers himself a latter-day Pickwickian, who views the nuances of the world with a growing sense of bewilderment and a strong desire for more beer. With thinly veiled pugnacity, he tends to write from a Catholic, British High Tory perspective on a broad range of topics and fully embraces the last available position of the modern rebel: orthodoxy. Nathaniel’s interests include history, politics and poetry but he also dabbles in architectural critique and philosophy.






Evan Pkiojklm


 Evan is a graduate in International Politics and Film, the Goebbels degree, from Aberystwyth University. He grew up in a working class community in the Welsh valleys.Throughout his life he has held a strong vein of contrarianism which he primarily expresses through making largely tongue in cheek provocative comments on Daily Telegraph articles. He writes on a range of topics, including Politics, Video Games and Cinema.

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  1. 27/08/2015 @ 12:19 am Richard

    Actually the world needs this. Information and topics shared and discussed with the aim of establishing truth, rather than the aim of distorting reality to serve an agenda.



  2. 18/06/2018 @ 9:39 am Francis Kelly

    Dear Ivory Tower, I think your site is being sabotaged by google. I found it very hard to get back to your site today as it kept telling me you were a dangerous site. That’s been happening lately on sites that talk about your sort of subjects too eg communism ect. Thanks for the great articles.
    Just check it out, cheers Francis


    • 22/06/2018 @ 9:11 pm Erick da Silva

      I really appreciate you pointing that out Francis, we shall be looking into it.
      Unfortunately it is very much the case that certain websites, no doubt by virtue of the opinions expressed, have been penalized and arbitrarily relegated to the margins. In any case, thank you once again for pointing this out.
      Kind regards,


  3. 29/06/2018 @ 6:31 am Karl Steiner

    You’ve got 507 links to my website, but I can’t find anything about my website here. If you could please remove any irrelevant links to my website that would be much appreciated. I think it’s confusing Google search. I did link to your site in one post in a reasonable way, I thought. If I offended you in some way, or you want me to remove my link to your site for some reason let me know. All the best.


  4. 03/09/2018 @ 12:20 am Anthony

    Are you guys still writing? The writing on your articles is some of the most in depth and unbiased opinion pieces I’ve seen on the net. I hope you continue puting great content into the world.


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