Greek economy in disarray as far-left ideologues hijack talks on austerity measures

The far-left party SYRIZA has recently raised some hackles in the governing coalition by truculently throwing a hissy fit. It abandoned discussions on measures to address the increasingly erratic economy of the country opting instead to sulk in the margins of the political process, regurgitating its same old tired platitudes, to the detriment of Greece’s economy and national interest.

However in respect to SYRIZA and indeed the exploited Greek people, one could venture to argue that the indisputable economic manipulation of the country clearly identifies the ills and horrors of the free-market principles. The evils of capitalism exist in this world-system as Greece lays the lupen-proletariat in the global economy, in situations where mothers are forced to sell their children as SUE REID recently reported in the Daily Mail.

After the recent general elections, Greece has been left in a standstill with a fragmented and unpopular governing collation, incapable of mustering support for its platform. Alexis Tsipras the leader of SYRIZA refused to join a proposed national unity coalition with New Democracy and Pasok, saying: “They’re not seeking an accord with Syriza… they’re asking us to be their partners in crime and we will not be their accomplices.” As the future fomentation of government in Greece remains uncertain, and with anti-austerity parties favouring in the polls, the diplomatic problems between Greece and Germany are almost certain to progress.

Moved by a distinctly market-hostile zeal SYRIZA revels in the politics of posturing and carping from the sidelines. The kind of volatility and uncertainty which have come to characterize Greek governance have also proved to make Greece the troublesome neighbour in the broader context of the EU crisis management, the member state whose reluctance to cooperate in the austerity measures advocated by the German Chancellor has done much to send the markets into a speculative mode and thereby adding to the depth of the crisis engulfing the European continent. The direction the Greek government will ultimately take, with or without an established consensus in Parliament, will be crucial in fundamentally shaping, if not determining, the general EU effort in overcoming the deficit problems of the trading-bloc’s member states. Though the likes of SYRIZA may find inspiration in the fact that its denialist and ideologically-laced platform is being echoed elsewhere in Europe, with the victory of the tax-and-spend Socialist Francois Hollande in France, its latest conduct in the talks with the coalition has only revealed how its truculence will ultimately only serve to ruin Greece’s financial prospects, sending the country into an economic tailspin potentially lethal to the continuing existence of the single-currency.

It is unquestionable that the latest developments in this Greek drama of incompetence and recklessness in face of imminent chaos have been illustrative of a deep-seated inadequacy of the Greek national character, but also of the EU institutions to be able to carry out such micromanagement. This news outlet firmly believes that a solution to the EU debt crisis would necessarily involve a rigorous streamlining of the public sector of the stagnating member states such as Greece, provided it is implemented by means of a centralized effort by the European institutions, with extended powers to appoint technocratic leaders in struggling countries and directly manage the joint financial integration of the EU, at the expense of democratic decision-making (which in any case has come to be nothing more than an euphemism for  petty parochialism, as we’ve seen in the case of Greece) if necessary, as long as the Union and its economy are preserved.


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