Citizen Trump

Every once in a while, you come across something that gives you an utterly new and strange perspective on a field you considered yourself to have quite a decent understanding of. Since Donald Trump campaign began long ago with the (now rightfully deemed inhumane) sport of Bush-Baiting, I had an inkling as to some aspect…


Fidel Castro 1926-2016

As the dark shadow of death enveloped Fidel Castro at age 90, as it inevitably does with all mortals, a moment of reflection is due for a figure of such striking historical stature. An immortal icon of the ideological struggles of the Cold War, old Fidel came into the night of his days as the…


Cameron’s Immigration Solution

There is no more a contentious topic sweeping through the United Kingdom today than that of immigration. Ever since the start of Nigel Farage’s crusade against the European Union the migrant issue has transcended the political sphere, with anti-immigration rhetoric seeing ever increasing momentum. After UKIP’s increase in support at the general elections and David…