Articles by Erick da Silva


The Demerits of Presidentialism: A Reassessment of the Brazilian monarchy

Note: This article is a follow-up to a previous discussion on the merits of presidentialism. To save having to recycle entire portions of text, it should be read as a response to it, and retraction of the original position argued,  available at   The first installment of this two-part essay was informed by a…


Pankaj Mishra’s Imaginary Fascist: A Review of a Review of Jordan Peterson

Disclaimer: The following remarks aren’t meant as an exhaustive commentary on the plenitude of issues broached by either the review or the book in question. These are but brief observations on the generally negative response Jordan Peterson has drawn from certain expected corners, of which Pankaj Mishra’s is but one, albeit highly illustrative, example. The…


Presidentialism and its Merits: Would the return of the Monarchy be a solution to Brazil’s problems?

Seldom does the opportunity present itself to a people to contemplate their system of government anew, with a sense of possibility in the horizon. Often, the constitution of the State is approached as a Leviathan, an immutable feature of the landscape one needs to navigate rather than improve, or even more radically, alter altogether. Yet…