Aesthetics and the Arts



Do you see the patterns on your hands, at your fingertips, Do you read the inroads and waving curves, the patterns of the earth, Inhabit your mind derelict relic of olden times, Moldy pyramid standing tall with the diamond eye, I want to see right through the sky into tomorrows yesterday Send me readings pulsating…


The Peaceful Rebellion

We once had earthly masters, Who lied and shook with rage, When we had but dared to question, The bars of our rusting cage.   Their vision was sometime noble, With peace and plenty for man, But freedom the price they demanded, All earth their chosen span.   For freedom we long had waited, A…


The Beatles Could Have Been a Mariachi band: Lennon-McCartney and the debt to Latin-American Music

Although rock and roll as a distinct musical language is widely, and largely accurately so, described in the popular consciousness as the offspring of the union between country-and-western and blues, it’s often forgotten that its formative years in post-war America were shaped also by interaction with other styles. It was rock and roll that propelled…