Philosophy & Culture


Opening up the Religious Market Place

The contemporary world can boast an unprecedented amount of competition. Political actors must compete for leadership and government. Schools must compete with each other to attract the best students and, in return, students must compete with each other to be wanted by the best schools. Businesses, involving everything from hairdressers to international shipping companies, must…


Privilege: on tip of everyone’s tongue, yet understood by few

Amid the marbled architecture of ancient Greece, a unique form of teachers existed. They did not reside in bleak classrooms fitted with blackboard discoloured by years of abuse. Instead they found themselves amid grand edifices and aesthetically impressive gardens of the more affluent Greek citizens. The sophist was a mentor of exceptional philosophical and rhetorical…


The Lure of the Cafeteria: A Catholic Perspective on the “Culture Wars”

“Atop the bell tower of the modern church the progressive clergyman, instead of a cross, places a weathervane” – Nicolas Gomez-Davila Dear reader, it can be said that many significant legal rulings and legislative efforts which have characterized recent times, whether in Ireland’s referendum result on the legal sanctioning of same-sex relations as being equivalent…