Articles by Erick da Silva


The Beatles Could Have Been a Mariachi band: Lennon-McCartney and the debt to Latin-American Music

Although rock and roll as a distinct musical language is widely, and largely accurately so, described in the popular consciousness as the offspring of the union between country-and-western and blues, it’s often forgotten that its formative years in post-war America were shaped also by interaction with other styles. It was rock and roll that propelled…


The Self-destruction of the Left in South America: Reflections on Brazil, Venezuela, and fellow travelers

It had long appeared that while the Northern hemisphere found itself ever more in the grip of a neoliberal orthodoxy, Latin America had emerged internationally as a champion of an alternative paradigm, whereby vibrant economies were maintained simultaneously with public policies which favored income redistribution and a more robust investment in the common good. Such…

“Times are bad. Children no longer obey their parents, and everyone is writing a book.”

Marcus Tullius Cicero


The Cult of Scientism

“Whoever appeals to any science in order to justify his basic convictions inspires distrust of his honesty or his intelligence” -Nicolas Gomez-Davila It seems that in this age of ours, defined as it is by an unsettling uncertainty of our most cherished assumptions, and a fashionable postmodern relativism, it is paradoxically not so much conducive…